Brand Collateral Design PROCESS


Design Briefing

It all starts with having an email correspondence or a phone call, destined to discuss the vision and mission of your project. No matter what business type you belong to, rest assured that you will get the finest of stationary services on Earth at LogoHelp. In the first place you have to fill up a project based questionnaire; a detailed discussion will be carried out later. This enables us to suggest you a proper timeline of the process.


Brainstorming & Sketching

Before starting to create the first look of your designs, we harness our creativity to produce winning ideas and concepts for your project. We invite our clients for equal participation in this phase; ask them about the desired color, theme, icon or anything they want for their branding collateral designs. After brainstorming comes sketching rough ideas derived so far. These initial sketches give a clear idea of what is going to come next.


Design Creation

This is the most fun part of whole designing process. Here our creative designers will blow a new life into those sketches using colors and typography. Different designs are created on the software and are forwarded to you for further feedback. All the designs are intended to convey your brand message at its best. From business cards to flyers, letterhead to envelope every single constituent of your branding collaterals ensure brand consistency.


Credentials and Content

After creating the main theme, we will add data to the design. Visuals may speak louder than words, but when it comes to stationary they are of prime importance. Our dedicated panel of designers will keep your design content legible and engaging. You will get many samples with various content alignment styles. The content may be your credentials, tagline, brand message, whatever you want.


Refining & Revisions

This step involves revisions from your end in the design. Taking your feedback into account, we will continue working on your branding collaterals. All the necessary components will be streamlined and perfected to earn your complete satisfaction. Your approval is very important for the finalization of order, therefore our creative designers will go extra miles to ensure the end-product meet your expectations.


Final Delivery

After getting the designs approved by you, a kit of your customized branding collaterals and company stationery will be prepared. We’ll send you the deliverable in multiple formats and sizes in order to facilitate their application onto various mediums. You can get the delivery via mail, fax or post. LogoHelp provides 24/7 customer support that will help you throughout the design process.

Have an initial idea for your project?

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