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  • FREE Logo Design
  • FREE Business Card Design
  • FREE 250 Business Cards Printed
  • FREE 30 sec Interactive sales video
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The Adventure of Logo Designing

Design Breakdown:

In this primary stage a clear understanding of your ideas is extracted. To get deeper into your vision, LogoHelp asks you to fill a questionnaire which comprises of all the necessary questions that must be answered at the outset of your project. This session further encompasses some clarification emails and calls. A range of things need to be done now. From selecting a suitable package to picking out the right font, our consultants guide you through the process.

Research And Brain-storms:

Once we grasp the information, we mobilize further research capabilities and begin to squarely get at the essence of your brand message, targeted audience, competitors, and other uncovered particulars. Based on these researched facts, we start sketching the design concepts by integrating our creative streams with your suggestions. This usually helps us unleash all the possibilities associated with your logo design to arrive at the finest, richest assemblage of ideas.

Initial Drafts:

Sketching ideas leads to the gradual formation of initial drafts. This phase involves a playful experimentation with different typefaces, colors and alignments. LogoHelp uses Adobe Illustrator for a graceful digital implementation of logo concepts. After creating the initial drafts, the designs are presented to you for feedback and revision.This is the stage where LogoHelp lets you envision and experiment with your logo and its look in different colors and with various typefaces.

Revisit, Revise, Revision:

This is your time to step in and make any desired alterations. The revision phase lasts until you are not absolutely in love with your logo produced at LogoHelp. Designers at LogoHelp are hired to ensure utmost client satisfaction, contentment and joy. It isn't a job, it is a promise.


This is the final step of the process. Logohelp allows you to choose your medium of delivery such as faxing, mailing and so forth. The final files are sent in various format and sizes to facilitate its application in various mediums: products, prints or website. Option also exists to get your logo in a monochrome form.

“ Getting LogoHelp on board meant that me and my business partner could spend all our time catering to our own customers while LogoHelp did wonders with our website. They just have you sorted. They were working on a deadline but were extremely suave, good job guys! ”

- Nita Vand

“ Extremely professional and smart team at work. I recommend LogoHelp to just about anyone who means real business. They know their work well and it is a supremely hassle-free and clean cut process. So smooth, so well thought and so executed. Thank you LogoHelp! ”

- Samuel Hobbes.

“ They always perform better than what I expect. If u want eye-popping results, I say LogoHelp. They always know their work and have a knack for knowing what you want. What I like best is, they are friendly and affordable. ”

-Mark Archer

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